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INSECTAM will allow for the design and manufacture, through additive manufacturing, of the tools necessary in the massive insect rearing farms, as a new protein source for food and feed, new bio-compounds generation and agri-food waste digest. These highly customized tools are not feasible currently with traditional technologies, both technically and economically, thus INSECTAM project will enable this new business model uptake, thanks to the possibilities of AM that will be demonstrated in the project.


Main Objective

Insect farming for agri-food purposes in an emerging market with great potential for growth in the medium and long-term as the necessity to produce food and feed will increase. Through insect farming, an alternative and high quality food source can be created with has a significantly lower environmental impact compared to current food sources. However, as this is an emerging sector, there are no commercial tools which allow for the breeding of insects on farms for this agri-food purpose. All specific tools and infrastructure is made through conventional technologies, raising the costs and investments required. Additive manufacturing can change this through the ability to produce small batches with high customization, and also bearing in mind the ability to manufacture in biobased materials. Through the production of specialized tools, the farming process can not only be optimized, but can also be standardized to improve the overall outputs generated by insect farms.


SME Description

INSECTOPIA 2050 S.L. is an organization aimed at bringing innovation to the agri-food sector. With over 20 years of experience in design, implementation and development of R&D&I projects, INSECTOPIA strives to bring sustainable change. This is underlined by their mission to develop the potential related to large scale insect rearing to obtain an alternative and sustainable source of protein for food and feed, obtain bio-compounds derived from insects, and bio-digest agri-food waste and transforming it into new products.

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