The GRIPP3D project is focused on implementing Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing technologies in the fabrication of lightweight, flexible and sensor functionalised flanges and grippers. The objective is to develop and deploy a physical intelligence-based solution for handling operations in robotic applications in the production industry through Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing technologies. The main impacts will be in more efficient manufacturing processes, reduction of time to market, and affordable solutions for smart customized robot end-of-arm tools.

Main objective

The project objective is to develop and deploy physical intelligence-based solutions for handling operation in robotic applications in the production industry. As a result of this, more efficient manufacturing processes can be realized, as well as a reduction in the time to market and creation an affordable solution for smart customized robot end-of-arm tools.

SME Description

FerRobotics is the international technology leader in sensitive automation and makes robots ‘feel’ what they are doing. This contact-intelligence is the new industry gold standard to automate tricky handwork and to install autonomous system cooperation in flexible automation flows instead. The patented Active Compliant Technology (ACT) establishes every common robot setup with a special ingredient – tactile sense. Robots with tactile competence bring complex processes into a reliable automation standard, with worry-free quality packaging on a cost-effective basis, whilst improving production quality and cutting down cycle times. Our mature and innovative IoT devices establish autonomous system cooperation, they are the pin-pointed solutions for sanding, grinding and polishing processes. Manufacturers across all industries benefit from transforming 3D sequences into constant high-quality production with optimized functionality and efficiency. Automotive, aviation and general industry are absorbing contact-sensitive automation as solid and lost-lasting pillars in their production processes.

Lead SME

  • FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH

Supporting Facility Centres