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The project will work on improving the current E-LLUM Thermal Vector Exchangers which are currently manufactured through subtractive manufacturing and therefore face several limitation (in terms of for example, temperature control). The new E-LLUM Thermal Vector Exchanger will have improved properties such as a reduced heating up time, which in terms increases machine productivity, and the ability to rapidly adjust thermal settings, which becomes relevant in case of a stop or change in production.


Main objective

The objective of the project is to improve the current generation of E-LLUM Thermal Vector Exchangers, specifically in terms of temperature regulation in the manufacturing process. To achieve this, a complete redesign of the heat exchanger is required, as well as producing these redesigned Thermal Exchangers. In this process, the rules of hybrid material 3D Printing and Thermodynamics/heat exchanging need to be taken into account in order to successfully produce the next generation Thermal Vector Exchangers.


SME Description

E-WENCO is an Italian company which has developed and patented an innovative technology called E-llum Technology, based on chemical and physical properties of materials. E-WENCO aims to provide its customers with new process and product solutions with a high concentration of own know-how and patents; every solution is characterized by: energy efficiency, energy saving, competitive advantage, unique features and economic savings.

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