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Development of a tibial tray implant with lattice structure

Developing and validating a new patient’s specific 3D printed orthopedic implant for Total Knee

Replacement (TKR) to allow spontaneous osseointegration and avoiding bone cement. Aim of the project is to develop the design of titanium tibial tray with embedded lattice structure and validate the removal process for un-melted titanium powder.


Main objective

The development of the implant would make Rejoint the first European company in the AM sector able to deliver a patient-specific EBM #D printed tibial tray in titanium, with a lattice structure. Lattice structures are generally integrated with coating processes, increasing costs and lead time in the production of the implants. The solution developed by this project can also be applied for the development of other devices and other subject-specific post-traumatic implants.


SME Description

REJOINT is an innovative start-up that has been founded with the purpose of pioneering the Electron

Beam Melting (EBM) as an additive manufacturing (AM) technology to produce “Patient-Specific”, custom made, Computer-Aided, orthopedic replacement systems.

Our mission is to improve and revolutionize the traditional way of thinking, making and selling orthopedics:

from “patient-specific” implant design to IoT connected rehabilitation.


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