This project will demonstrate the potential of 3D Printed Metal inserts for suspension components, combined in ThermoPlastic Composites through Compression Molding. This case will serve as a proof of principle with respect to these hybrid automotive components.

Main objective

The foreseen prototype suspension components will bring direct benefit to the vehicles produced by Saker Sportscars by increasing the performance and safety of the components and thus the vehicle. Furthermore, the hybrid material characteristics of the component will contribute to a reduction in the unsprung weight of the car, increasing stability of the vehicle and thus safety. These components could in future be integrated in high-end performance/luxury vehicles, followed by the introduction in more regular consumer vehicles.

SME Description

Saker Sportscars BV is a Dutch company producing sports cars made for the track. A timeless design with modern technology. The low weight combination with the extremely reliable powertrain makes these cars real winners. The Saker Sportscar can be used in the DNRT, Belcar, Supercar Challenge as well as in the UK in the Britcar series.
Saker Sportscars has a range of four models, the Saker GT, Saker Rapx, Saker Sprint and Saker Sniper, with the last two being open cars. The company is constantly searching to innovate to enhance the performance of the vehicles.

Lead SME

  • Saker Sportscars B.V.

Supporting Facility Centres