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By leveraging metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes and technologies, the aim of the project is to improve the performance of a double vortex liquid thruster based on HTP/kerosene for space applications. The main project objectives are a) designing the internal combustion chamber, b) realising an ‘on print’ insertion of thermal protection device during printing, and c) micro-machining the fuel injection. The project is divided into 3 steps; the first will focus on realisation of small samples to test the technology, the second on fuel injection, and the third in the full thruster production and fire tests.


Main Objective

The main project objectives are the design of the internal combustion chamber, the realization of an ‘on-print’ insertion of a thermal protection device during the printing state, and the micro-machining of the fuel injection system. The results obtained from this project can be applied not only on the catalytic diffusers, but can also find useful application purposes in other components such as nozzles and external injection orifices.


SME Description

T4i is a SME company operating in the New Space scenario. Born in 2014, T4i designs and realizes innovative propulsion systems for micro satellites access to space and in-space mobility.

T4i personnel comes from more than 20 years of space research at international level, has long experience on institutional programs with EC, ESA and ASI and has established several long-lasting collaborations with space corporates to develop innovative thrusters and gas generators and to perform system level analyses.

T4i focuses on the design and development of:

  • Chemical propulsion systems: mono and bi-propellant motors and hybrid rockets for aeronautics and space applications.
  • Electric Propulsion: space thrusters based on radiofrequency magnetically enhanced plasma source technology. 
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T4i - Technology for Propulsion and Innovation
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