In this project, MIND will test and validate the feasibility of a novel hybrid material technology for a structural component of a sports car, in which the inserts will be made by metal Additive Manufacturing and the surrounding material by thermoset carbon fibre, providing unique final component properties. The evaluation of the mechanical properties and the feasibility of quality testing methods on highly representative samples will be performed, to fully demonstrate the increase in product performance and the related costs in view of initiating the very promising industrial deployment.

Main objective

The project aims to test and validate the hybrid material component for the automotive sector. The proposed joining technology, which has already proven to be feasible, has many advantages for structural application in vehicles such as, a significant weight reduction, high damping characteristics, and the ability to locally tune crash impact behaviour for safety increase.

SME Description

MIND began life in 2006 with the desire to integrate all the engineering an production sectors of composite components in a single structure. The company is located in the center of the Italian Motor Valley, Emilia Romagna. The skills of MIND range from process engineering to quality control and from industrial design to the manufacturing of composite material components with a focus on the automotive industry. Parallel to this, MIND develops and supplies composite parts for machinery in the field of automatic machines and for the medical sector.