3DHX - 3D Printed Smart Heat Exchanger

Within 3DHX, the consortium will develop, test and validate a new design and production workflow, a ‘smart’ innovative methodology enabling the reduction of time and cost of our existing design and manufacturing processes of 3D printed metal Heat Exchangers. Thanks to a new and specifically developed design tool, a multidisciplinary topological approach eases and automates the definition of geometries and thermal performances of exchange surfaces, whilst at the same time ensuring the printability through LPBF. Prototypes made of different metals will be manufactured before being cleaned on the inside with a specific surface finishing treatment. 

Main objective

The main objective is to accelerate the release of new products to a market which is increasing pressure to reduce delivery times by demonstrating the benefits of integrating additive manufacturing processes. In this project, the manufacture and adaptation of agricultural machinery components to avoid forest fires in high seasonal temperature conditions during cereal harvesting tasks.
The objective is to produce large metallic molds with AM (DED-arc), and reduce the time to market from 12 weeks to just 4 weeks, increasing the agility to implement new products within the agriculture working season. The aim to validate the complete value chain from mold design for DED-art, mold manufacturing, and injection performance, including all the quality and life-service requirements for a plastic injection mold, to validate and certificate the final product and the application of DED-art processes to manufacture functional plastic inject molds in very short times.

SME Description

MOSES Productos S.L. was founded in 2018 and is an expert company focusing on the transformation of Fossil-based, Biobased and Biodegradable materials using extrusion-compounding techniques and plastic molding processes. MOSES aims at developing the most appropriate materials for specific products at the request of clients, meeting their individual requirements. Despite being a recently created company, MOSES has invested in state-of-the-art facilities, machinery and highly trained human resources to provide its customers with a high quality service, adapted to their needs and requirements. MOSES develops all activities from an eco-innovative perspective, analyzing the different alternatives which can reduce the environmental impact of both their products and/or processes. During all phases, from design to the final result, MOSES works to develop novel bioplastics and bio-additives where the percentage of bio-components reaches the highest possible value.

Lead SME

  • AIDRO Srl

Supporting Facility Centres