3DHX - 3D Printed Smart Heat Exchanger

Within 3DHX, the consortium will develop, test and validate a new design and production workflow, a ‘smart’ innovative methodology enabling the reduction of time and cost of our existing design and manufacturing processes of 3D printed metal Heat Exchangers. Thanks to a new and specifically developed design tool, a multidisciplinary topological approach eases and automates the definition of geometries and thermal performances of exchange surfaces, whilst at the same time ensuring the printability through LPBF. Prototypes made of different metals will be manufactured before being cleaned on the inside with a specific surface finishing treatment. 


Main Objective

Through this project, AIDRO aims to acquire new and specific competences for the design, manufacturing and post-finishing of Heat Exchangers through Additive Manufacturing processes, proving the technical and economical sustainability of the solution proposed. Parallel to this, various prototypes made of different metals will be manufactured before being cleaned with a specific surface finishing treatment. Great interest has already been shows by leading companies in the Oil & Gas industry, however the solution is scalable to many other industries such as Aerospace, Steel & Mining, Motor racing and others.


SME Description

AIDRO is an Italian high-tech SME specialized in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic parts and metal devices, through traditional technologies and by metal Additive Manufacturing (AM).

The company was founded 40 years ago as an engineering and manufacturing company for Fluid Power solutions, such as hydraulic valves, hydraulic manifolds, heat exchangers. In search of a

market differentiation and pushed by the need to innovate, in 2016 metal AM was introduced as production process on top of existing core activities. AM is used to produce parts of new and existing products, bringing them value in terms of weight saving, customization, fast prototyping, function/component integration and material substitution. In few years, by experimenting and by doing, AIDRO has become acknowledged for being a worldwide pioneer in combining

Fluid Power, its core competence, to AM know-how.

Lead SME


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