The project aims to develop ecologically efficient marine & terrestrial 3D construction products and uptake of new 3D printing solutions. The design partner will provide eco-design (which are also modular, scalable, multifunctional).The 3D construction printing partner (construction printer manufacturer) will help in structural engineering, validation and demonstration. The consortium will contribute in prototype development and demonstration in operational environment.

Main objective

Construction 3D Printing helps to create creative shapes and opens new architectural possibilities which would otherwise not be possible through traditional construction methods. Furthermore, additive manufacturing in this sector can help to reduce production times by 80% and costs by 50%.

SME Description

Renotech Oy is an advanced materials technology company registered in Finland. The company has 4 main business units: Construction products, Marine Business, 3D Printing, R&D Consulting (circular economy/environmental remediation). Renotech has above 25 years experience in advanced materials development especially for construction and marine application area. Renotech is one of the first movers in the area of specialized construction 3D printing in Finland and has been active in this area for the past 3 years.

Lead SME

  • Renotech Oy

Supporting Facility Centres

  • Vertico