Facility Centre Name: WOLF 3D
Facility Centre Type:
Facility Centre Region:

Mińska 25 (building 1923)
SOHO Factory
03-808 Warsaw

Our company specializes in providing comprehensive design services, scanning and modeling using 3D printing technologies. We have one of the largest machinery park in Poland , thanks to this we are able to perform both individual elements and production series in a very short time.


Additive Manufacturing - Machine park of over 200 pcs. of 3D printers allows not only to prototype, but also to produce on time according to the demand without the need for storage. We offer every size of printouts in various technologies and undertake the biggest industry challenges. Our company is using self-made printers or top machines available on the market. Technologies available - FDM, SLS and SLA.


Design for Additive Manufacturing -In the making of 3D models, we use not only the work of graphic engineers but also 3D scanning including photogrammetric technology and structural light (based on ARTEC scanners). This allow to create a digital version of the real object. Thanks to this solution, we significantly accelerate the creative process.



Coating - We offer comprehensive post-processing of prints: smoothing, glueing, traditional or artistic painting.


CNC Machining



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