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We would like to introduce the 3D concrete printer for house building. It has been developed by our team in Slovenia from 2012. During that time, we invested around one million euros of our money in the R&D process. In the year 2017 the first machines were sold to customers (but only one of them successfully). Due to some legal problems in which we won, the project was permanently terminated in the next two years. Now due to corona virus we lost the few bug projects that we had already had. So in the year 2021 we are planning a production of 10 machines for a world market and in the next few years to raise a selling numbers exponentially.

The inventor, Mr. Abram Josef is an engineer, an entrepreneur, genius and a hard working businessman. He developed 4 machines with his team and he is about to issue a fifth machine in the year 2021. It can build inside parameter of a 20 x 100 meters.

That allows us to provide buyers with two bigger machines ( 9 x 20 meters and 20 x 100 meters) and also with a smaller machines (3d printing offers a variety of shapes and different usages). We have also developed a three nozzles of the machine and we had patented them. 

Our trademark is BETABRAM. Bellow you may find a website of it.



We are now at the middle process of getting a certificate. Along with this we are about to convince customers regarding properties of our 3d printers very soon with a big building or shopping mall printed in our technology. The organisation AINWAA gave us the reward for the best printer in construction last year 2019. Also we are cooperating with Faculty of Construction in Maribor, Slovenia since 2014. They cover each and every step of our project as well as other scientist from our team. 

Now we are at the beginning of TRL 7 phase.


Now we need to improve our prototype (which is fully operable now!) and finish some crucial parts for automatic functioning of printers and in order to complete it we need some 6 months of hard work in R&D to launch our products to the market.  For that we need some 1 million euros.

Meanwhile and along with that we plan to build an industrial showroom object (like small Shopping mall, garage park or bigger building) to show our technological dominance among world competitors. In order to achieve that, we need some 2 million euros.

Those figures are over the thumb, and we will send detailed project plan to investor and price list to customers (i.e. construction companies).  

Potential partners are kindly invited to visit Slovenia anytime. We will be most glad to present the machine and its capabilities to them. Or we can come to visit them and talk business also. In this corona times, we can also make some online zoom meeting and presentation.

Please feel free to ask whatever question might cross your mind.

My contacts are bellow.

With respect,

Mr. Vladimir Sunjevaric

Partner at the project

E-mail: Vladimir.sunjevaric@betabram.com

Phone: +386 40 642 074

WhatsApp and Viber user also


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