Facility Centre Name: Smart Factory
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Taikos ave. 131A
51124 Kaunas Lithuania

Our Smart Factory team specialized in 3D scanning, modeling, printing, milling and measurement and quality control. We perfectly master the intelligent engineering digitization of three-dimensional objects, their modeling and bio-mechanical simulation methods, 3D metal and plastic, ceramic printing, 3 and 5 axis milling techniques. By applying 3D scanning technologies, we capture people, items, structures and natural objects in their spatial – three dimensional copies using flat image with the aid of specialized photography equipment. Combining substractive and additive manufacturing technologies we are able to materialize optimal topology design of industrial parts that allows to minimize their weight up to 80% and the quantities of compliment details from a few dozen to a few. We work with precision and accuracy. In such precision, exactly as needed: millimeters, decimal parts of it or even micron accuracy. So fast, that rare can compete with us.





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