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Ve─Źna pot 113

Slovenian Innovation Hub, European Economic Interest Grouping (SIH EEIG) offers support to strategic-innovation partnerships in priority area of Slovenia's smart specialization strategy i.e. in health and medicine. SIH EEIG is a service for connecting and networking with individual stakeholders, companies, research organisations, technology centers and value chains. SIH EEIG enables Slovene creativity and excellence with quadruple helix in health and medicine to reach global markets in areas of translational medicine, biopharmaceutics, herbal medicine and natural cosmetics, cancer treatment therapies and active and healthy living.

Objectives of the Slovenian research and innovation cluster partnership in health and medicine are:

- to identify perspective and/or new niche markets, new business oportnuities,
- to identify prospective technologies and provide support to tailored solutions for global markets,
- business support and strategic collaboration on global markets,
- support with managing innovation,
- support with product connectivity and analysis of connectivity,
- work with talents and human resources development,
- support with the strategic assessment of product use in high tech field,
- joint promotion of partners on global markets and about knowledge intensive projects and products,
- support to start ups and joint ventures in health and medicine and related sectors (biosensors, photonics, nano materials, ICT),
- support with inward and outward foreign trade investments in health and medicine sector,
- internationalization.

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