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VIa di Castel Romano 100
00128 Roma RM


RINA Consulting - Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. (CSM) is a fully private innovation centre that employs 230 researchers and has extensive experiences for the development and application of innovative processes and materials. Today CSM is part of RINA Group, which is a global provider of classification, certification, testing, inspection and training services to assist clients in a wide range of business sectors as Marine, Energy, Transport & Infrastructures, Business Assurance, Environment and Innovation. CSM is a leading centre for applied research founded in 1963 by Italy’s major steel industry. Its research activities are mainly related to the modelling and design of materials and products, optimization and development of processes, development of innovative pilot plants and reduction of environmental impact. With a staff of about 230 researchers, CSM is a private enterprise that ranks amongst Europe’s top Materials Research Centres.
The industrial sectors of main interest to the Company are:
• Energy and environment
• Iron and steel
• Oil and gas
• Aerospace and defense
• Mechanics and transport

RINA-CSM has also an extensive expertise in process modelling and simulation, supply and installation of process control and diagnostic systems. In the specific field, the expertise in process automation and data processing by using AI&BD technologies particularly for image processing for: image processing for defects detection in order to improve product quality, predictive maintenance to improve plants availability, process/product data elaboration in order to prevent deviations and to discover new KPIs correlations.

The traditional presence of RINA-CSM as the Italian reference pole in European research (RFCS and Framework Programmes) results in hundreds of international collaboration agreements and contracts. Currently RINA-CSM has more than 80 Grant Agreements active with the European Commission.

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