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Via Roberto Di Ferro n. 86
15122 Alessandria AL

PROPLAST is a technological centre focused on research and innovation in the polymer and composite field, whose mission is the creation of a multidisciplinary network, by integrating the industrial and academic worlds and harmonising their competencies, approaches and needs. Proplast was created in 1998 and is organized as a cluster (recognized at European level - ESCA silver labelled), that nowadays includes 169 enterprises, 9 industrial associations and 13 academic members.
Proplast facilities include pilot lines of the main technologies for polymer production and processing, i.e. extrusion and compounding, injection molding and thermoforming, fiber reinforced composite production, 3D printing. Extrusion equipment includes also a special die for co-extrusion of filaments, currently used for biomedical applications, and a pilot line devoted to the production of filaments for FDM 3D printing. Moreover, Proplast has an advanced design lab (CAD/CAM, FEM analysis, structural analysis, processing simulation) and material characterization laboratories.
Proplast is currently involved in several collaborative projects at European (Plasticircle, Newpack - H2020) and national level (Reciplast, Prime, Deflect – Piedmont Region), and it has been involved in the past years in FP7 (Fire-Resist, Mold4ProdE, WIINTEC) projects. Since 2008, Proplast is recognized as the managing body of the new materials innovation cluster (since 2016 changed into “green chemistry and advanced materials”) in Italian Piedmont region.

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