Facility Centre Name: ProM Facility / Trentino Sviluppo
Facility Centre Type:
Facility Centre Region:
Trentino - Italy

Via Zeni 8
38068 Rovereto TN

ProM Facility is a technological infrastructure open to collaborations with the business world, research and training, to develop, produce, research and experiment innovative and more efficient products, able to combine traditional mechanics with the most advanced and sophisticated prototyping systems physical and virtual, testing and pre-qualification. The result of the collaboration between the Autonomous Province of Trento, Trentino Sviluppo, the Bruno Kessler Foundation, the University of Trento and Confindustria Trento, it provides the companies in the mechatronics chain with an integrated platform for the prototyping and qualification of mechatronic systems and subsystems. Thanks to the commitment of European regional ERDF funds, the Facility now has innovative machinery for the prototyping (mechanical, electronic and IT) of complete mechatronic systems, for a total value of over 6 million euros, including 3D printing metal and polymer, the laser cutting of pipes and plates, as well as advanced metrology systems such as x-ray tomography and high speed digital scanners of image reconstruction.

ProM Facility has a trivalent function, divided into service, research and training. The service offer includes the advanced development and prototyping service of mechanical components and micro-electronic sensors (MEMS, micro electro-mechanical Systems). Upon request, the Facility can also manage the production of small series ("workshop" service) thanks to its technological equipment. On the research side, ProM Facility supports research projects funded (subcontract) in Horizon 2020, provincial (LP6) and other funding areas (regional and national). It offers company technical staff in the mechanical and mechatronic sector a refresher course, specialist "hands-on" training on machines in a dynamic and cutting-edge context and support in the field of prototyping, 3D printing and sensors. ProM Facility offers students and PhD students excellent research and training courses, research partners the possibility of creating synergy by putting transversal skills in the system and bringing the realization of prototypes in the final phase of complex projects to a degree of applicability closer to the market





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