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University of Minho
Azurem Campus
4800-058 Guimaraes


Commitment to industry: PIEP, in cooperation of the academic staff from the Department of Polymer Engineering of the University of Minho, provides research with up to date scientific knowledge, ensuring the best and innovative problem-solving approaches to industry’s innovation challenges and needs.

Our mission: To be a European leading research and development organization in the field of polymer engineering, ensuring an effective response to the R&D needs of its associates and clients, based on differentiated knowledge in strategic technology areas, by materializing the vocation of know-how development and turning ideas into products in close collaboration with industry.

Relevant skills/experience: With its core knowledge and competencies based on materials science – engineering - processing technologies, PIEP is actively engaged in the development of research projects for companies worldwide and for different application sectors (automotive, packaging, building & construction, consumer electronics, health & care, aeronautics and defence, energy and white good markets).

We are currently divided into 6 main fields of interest:

- PIEP offers Testing Services to help ensure the quality of materials, products and processes of the plastic industry. Combining different analysis techniques, PIEP can identify unknown materials, verify specification compliance, prepare technical data sheets and determine causes of failures.

- PIEP Engineering supports companies developing innovative products and processes. Using over 80 years of accumulated experience, design competences, 3DMID, experimental testing and advanced computing tools, we can participate in all phases of development process, converting ideas into successful products.

- Based on a strong academic & industrial innovation activity, Injection Moulding Area contributes to strength the competitiveness of the plastics & mould industry and foster an R&D culture by providing the professional experience, process computing simulation, physical infrastructure and technical information.

- The Compounding and Advanced Materials department is a scientific-technological team that is based on a group of talented people with expertise in chemistry, polymer and materials engineering, and that establishes a solid support to the industry in the development of new high-performance thermoplastic based-materials, in which we can highlight elastomeric based polymers, by means of extrusion, compounding, and reactive processing

- The Composites Area has capabilities for R&D projects, Innovation and Technology Transfer, Advanced Training, Consultancy and Manufacturing. The activity focus is in aerospace and defence. Manufacturing capabilities: Vacuum Infusion, Filament Winding, Resin Transfer Moulding, Prepreg (OOA), Forming, etc. Manufacturing materials: Carbon, Aramid and Glass Fibres, with Thermoset and Thermoplastic Matrix.

- We assist companies in designing products in such a way that they can easily be reused, and we also transform waste into quality secondary raw materials. PIEP is committed to the transition of plastics to a circular economy and, with our expertise in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC), we examine the entire value chain, modelling different scenarios to evaluate different aspects of sustainability from CO2 emissions and material use to health and economic feasibility.





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