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Friuli Venezia Giulia

Via Grado, 64
34074 Monfalcone GO

Meg3D is a professional 3D printing factory for the production of prototypes, conceptual models and series production.
The wide selection of materials, along with the use of high performance technologies allow as to realize aesthetic and functional component for different applications.

MEG3D is part of Fidema Group that provides engineering solutions for the naval, industrial and civil sector. Thanks to the skills acquired in the engineering sector we are able to support our customers from the idea to the tailored finish:

- 3D CAD modeling, feasibility study, project development
- Topological optimization and F.E.M analysis

3D printing:
- Printing technologies: 3D Systems 6100 SLS, Stratasys Fortus 380mc FDM, Figure4 DLP / SLA and HP 4200 MJF
• Printing materials: PA 12 (SLS-MJF), ASA (FDM), different types of resins for specific applications (DLP)

Post production service:
• Custom finish and assembly

If companies needs to realize products with 3D printing technologies, we analyze the files and suggest the most suitable materials and technologies for the applications.
We help company in identifying how 3D printing can improve the development phases of new products, optimize existing processes and metal replacement.





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