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VIA antonio del pollaiolo, 130
50142 Firenze FI

Kentstrapper, a Florentine family business founded in 2011 by the Cantini family, designs and develops three-dimensional printers with high precision, reliability and ease of use, which can be used by a large number of people and company.
Kentstrapper's goal is to spread knowledge and use of this technology, to design affordable, reliable and high-performance 3D printers designed for today's and tomorrow's makers and professionals. Everywhere you use them, on a work table, a school desk or a desk, your ideas will now have, in addition to the third dimension, an extra dimension, that of availability: ours, ready to help you realize them.
3D printers allow to realize a physical object starting from its three-dimensional model, modeled with any 3D CAD software, thermally melting (FFF technology) a plastic or other material (biodegradable or recyclable) and depositing it layer by layer until recreating the entire volume. They allow you to view the prototype to see if it has been designed correctly and if you make any new changes.
Kentstrapper is a company engaged in research and development of software and hardware, training in the world of 3D printing and marketing, to release models of 3D printers increasingly performing and with different technologies (additive filament deposit and polymerization).
The Kentstrapper Zero and Verve models bring together years of hardware and software experience with FFF technology, introducing an automatic table calibration system, a simple and intuitive interface based on touch displays, backup systems to safeguard work in the event of a blackout or exhaustion of the coil and a system of interchangeable nozzles.
They also offer the possibility of managing the printing process remotely via device.
Today Kentstrapper has a widespread presence in Italy and in some parts of the world, thanks to its dealers and distributors (both domestic and foreign). Strategic partnerships have been established with other research and innovation entities in key sectors such as the dental, biomedical and educational sectors.
Kentstrapper continues to develop to help small and medium sized Italian and international companies optimize their workflow with increasingly high-performance and efficient machines.





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