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Campus Sup Ardenne
08000 Charleville-Mézières

ITheMM is a laboratory specialised in Engineering Sciences, more particularly in mechanics, heat science, energetics, and materials sciences. The facility centre has a platform than can accommodate large installations, innovative and varied scientific equipment from manufacturing to characterisation of homogenous and heterogenous materials (polymers, composites, metals, sand, textile…). The expertise of the laboratory includes manufacturing of functional materials (3D printing, plastics processes, metallurgy), numerical modelisation, structures/processes/properties optimisation and multiscale/multiphysics characterisation (thermal and mechanical testing, rheology, spectrometry, ellipsometry, tomography, in situ characterisation, digital volume correlation, 3D scanning, microscopy, infrared thermography…). The facility centre includes a Fabrication Laboratory with machining machines and 3D printers (fused filament fabrication, pellet additive manufacturing, stereolithography, digital light processing, selective laser sintering, bioprinting, continuous filament co-extrusion, binder-jetting...).

Some of the manufacturing equipment is shared with the Fab Lab “smart materials”, of the engineering school EiSINe, and is therefore freely accessible to the public.

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