Facility Centre Name: INOVSYS
Facility Centre Type:
Facility Centre Region:

Technocentre Henri Fabre
Route de Martigues
13700 Marignane

INOVSYS (https://inovsys.fr/) is an innovative platform specialized in rapid manufacturing.
INOVSYS is recognized for its expertise in rapid manufacturing processes and has many resources at the Henri Fabre Technocentre (more than 10 metal and polymer printers). On this axis, INOVSYS can:
- Perform material / process studies (SLM, SLS and FDM)
- Redesign parts taking advantage of the possibilities offered by additive manufacturing (integration of functions, complex shapes, property gradients ...)
- Study, simulate and manufacture complex parts
- Reindustrialize a part for a rapid process (SLS, Metal Binder Jetting, foundry with printed sand mold, WAAM ...)
- Assess the technical and economic relevance of additive manufacturing ("make or buy")
INOVSYS works with major accounts such as CEA, Airbus and EDF as well as with SMEs.

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