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Campus da FEUP Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, 400
4200-465 Porto

INEGI – The Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering - is located in Porto (NORTE Region), and it is the largest Research and Technology Organization (RTO) in Portugal working on the Mechanical Engineering field. INEGI is considered one of the most effective RTO in transforming R&D investment in economic and social value, as more than 50% of its total turnover of 6.5 million euros comes from R&D and innovation projects funded by industry. INEGI’s organizational structure relies on three pillars of activity in different technology readiness levels, maintaining a strong competence matrix element: i) Research with a special focus on applied research; ii) Innovation and technology transfer; and iii) Consulting and advanced engineering services. The research activity of the institute covers the areas of new technologies for advanced production processes, experimental mechanics, applied mechanics, energy, new materials, advanced health technologies, and the development of new products and systems. This activity is integrated in the national network of research funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, and has consistently been evaluated has Excellent. INEGI has experience in several polymer-based, ceramic-based and metal-based 3D-printing (AM) techniques, as well as in related support technologies such as design, pre- and post-processing and quality assessment. Thus, in INEGI’s multi-annual strategic agenda, Additive Manufacturing is pointed out as a key enabling technology of the four knowledge vectors defined: (1) Processes and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies; (2) New Materials and Structural Solutions; (3) Product and System Development; (4) Energy and Environment.





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