Facility Centre Name: "I-lab", the Innovation Lab
Facility Centre Type:
Facility Centre Region:
Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

Maison du Numérique et de l'Innovation
Place Georges Pompidou
83000 TOULON

The Innovation Lab, or i-lab, is a place for meetings and shared collaborative creations, within the Maison du Numérique et de l'Innovation, in downtown Toulon.
It offers both co-working spaces, co-design, and a Fab lab.

The Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) is an open place that provides all kinds of tools including digital manufacturing tools, machine tools controlled by computer, for the design and production of objects. Or more precisely to allow moving from the concept phase to the prototyping phase, and from the prototyping phase to the development phase. It has obtained the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) label and respects the Fab Labs charter, by allowing users to access technology, and by promoting the sharing of technical knowledge and skills.

The i-lab is a completely open place which offers, depending on the formulas, free access or access with registration for specific workshops. It is aimed at everyone, entrepreneurs, designers, user communities, DIY enthusiasts, students, school audiences, individuals, and even hackers of all kinds.

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