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J.F. kennedylaan 3
9060 Zelzate

In an industrial environment, large production equipment is often tailor-made. It is, in addition, exposed to severe operational conditions requiring a high structural integrity and lifetime. This results in long lead times when components break down. Entire installations need to be completely replaced when components have become obsolete, moulds have been lost or suppliers have gone bankrupt. This either leads to huge financial losses due to unforeseen long production standstills or to high storage and logistic costs.

Guaranteed offers a solution to these problems. Our technology allows to repair and rebuild these large slow movers on demand, reducing the lead times and eliminating the storage costs. The reduction of the manufacturing cost provides an additional advantage as no dies, tools, mould or setup costs are required. Born from Innovation we use state of the art unique simulation, monitoring and inspection tools to guarantee first time right zero-defect production. Because we are raised in Industry, we guarantee one-stop-shop industrial reliability.





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