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Trentino Alto-Adige

Via Sommarive 18
Loc. Povo
38123 Trento TN

FBK – CMM is a research center of reference, in Italy and internationally, for the development of novel concepts in sensors and devices for Big Science and for industrial and technical applications. The ever-increasing demand for sensors and devices with improved performance driven by frontier research and experiments on one side and by the advanced technology challenges faced by innovative industries on another side are stimulating the fundamental scientific progresses of the Center. The unique system made of our various competences, excellent skills and advanced infrastructure to cover activities from silicon technologies to photonics, materials and bio-physics gives us the ability to achieve scientific developments of absolute international value. Our capability to work in partnership with many actors involved in Big Science, industry and education gives us the cultural flexibility for making our results available to manufacturing and social fruition in a reduced time.

Technical description
MEMS technology; IC technology; Micro and sensor technology; Optical radiation detectors; Microfluidic and bio-functionalized devices; Photonic materials and devices; Nanomaterials; Coating deposition; PV cells; Molecular diagnostics; Energy materials; Analytical characterization.

6 inches microfabrication area: 700 sqm ISO 4-5, full CMOS pilot line, DRIE, wafer bonder electroplating bulk micromachining, ISO 9001 certificated
Testing area 200 sqm: electrical testing, optical testing, PV cells efficiency
Integration and packaging area 60 sqm: micro-assembly, screen printing; bonding, pull and share test
PECVD deposition equipment; ALD deposition equipment;
Biology Laboratory 600 sqm: Molecular and cell biology area, Optical spectroscopy area, Microscopy areas, Sequencing facility, Electrophysiology area, Chemical and biochemical area
Analytical facility: Mass spectrometry; Spectroscopy; Microscopy.

Scientific & technological support – Study / initial design / Simulation – Proof of concept / Lab testing of basic experimental set-up- Material Characterization- Component/process development & testing – Prototype / demonstrator realization – Pilot line / demonstration line / preseries – Customized production – Biological testing – DNA-RNA deep sequencing (NGS) – Project elaboration support – In house courses





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