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Extrude Hone is a worldwide leading provider of high-end surface finishing technologies. We focus on excellence engineering, and we support companies locally while benefitting from our global footprint and cross-continental teams.

Extrude Hone Additive is the Business Unit dedicated to the Metal-AM Industry. It closely collaborates with OEMs and other top industry players to optimize our technologies' performance and offer top-notch Contract Shop activities or Capital Equipment. The Extrude Hone Additive's technology-portfolio currently includes:
- Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM). It's a pressurized abrasive technology able to improve complex internal surfaces of components such as air ducts, manifolds, impellers, just to name a few.
- Coolpulse (ECM). It's an anodic dissolution-based technology able to contactless improve external and internal surfaces simultaneously with a very fast time-cycle.
- Thermal Energy Method (TEM). It's a well known thermal-deburring technology, which, combined with appropriate support structure design, allows for the complete removal of metal supports even in otherwise inaccessible areas of the components.
- Metal 3D printing of 316L components, via Laser-Powder Bed Fusion technology

We do have extensive experience with PBF (EBM and L-PBF) as well as BJ technologies. The most common metal-AM materials can be processed. Our technologies are the best fit for pre-production, small batches, or serial production volume; however, trials, tests, and research support activities (one-to-few parts processing and technical report analysis) are performed regularly and welcomed too.

Reach out to us to get detailed information and speak to our engineering team.





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