Facility Centre Name: Eurocompositi di Marco Genovese
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via Po 3
30030 Mellaredo di Pianiga VE

Created in Padua in early 2011 on the initiative of the engineer Marco Genovese, the design studio Eurocompositi has specialized in offering a highly professional service, able to coexist rationality and functionality with aesthetics and attention to the shapes. With these features we want to recontextualize the meaning of the word “design”, which is often mistakenly interpreted only as an exercise in style or graphics, but instead it has the meaning of “design”, or go forward over the obstacle . In addition, thanks to the great experience in the field of the cycle industry and a methodological approach based on the solution of problems through analysis, Eurocompositi has developed an attentive competence to the needs of construction companies, providing support that is not limited to the design only, but which starts from the identification of market trends and objectives to be achieved and comes up to the development of all promotional material, necessary to present the finished product. In particular, for the latter aspect, characterized by the graphical development, the photo-realistic rendering and transmission of design concepts to catalogs, websites and other forms of communication, Eurocompositi has a remarkable potential, experiencing first-hand the importance of being able to successfully communicate the developing of your own ideas.





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