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Srednja Bela 10
4205 Preddvor

Deproma is the most advanced 3D printing provider in Slovenia. The company is producing high-quality prototypes and low volume plastic parts using industrial systems of 3D printing such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Stereolithography (SLA).

Our main advantages are:
- high-quality SLS and SLA parts
- interesting material portfolio :
- SLS: PA2200, PA3200GF, under testing is PA2241 FR – fire-retardant material
- SLA: Somos EVOLVE (ABS-like), Somos WaterShed (transparent), Somos PERFORM (up to 268°C, ceramic filled material)
- injection moulding / rapid tooling in connection with 3D printed tool inserts using SLA technology and material Somos PERFORM
- postprocessing:
- dye colouring of SLS parts with black colour – the colour is chemical linked to part material, without additional layer on the parts
- vibratory finishing of SLS parts

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