Facility Centre Name: COMTES FHT
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Prumyslova 995
334 41 Dobrany

COMTES FHT is private research institute dealing with applied research in the field of metals. COMTES FHT expertize is spanning over the materials chemical composition proposal/modifications, small size casting (up to 500kg), forging, rolling, drawing, additive manufacturing, heat treatment, microstructure analysis, mechanical and thermo-physical properties characterization up to FEM simulation of technological processes and material models preparation and verification.
In the field of additive manufacturing (AM) we are performing the deposition itself as well as related supporting services. Regarding the deposition processes we have available complex Powder Blown Direct Energy Deposition system InssTek MX600 allowing deposition of wide range of materials. The main highlight of the system is possibility of deposition of components with functionally graded materials or multiple materials components, where we can combine up to 4 materials simultaneously. Work space of this system is 450x600x350mm. Additionally, there is available also powder bed system Aurora with deposition chamber size of 200x200x250mm. Expertise related to AM activities are heat treatment, microstructure and fractography investigations (including EDX, EBSD), thermo-physical measurements and mechanical testing. Mechanical characterization covers a wide range of testing conditions from quasi-static testing at room temperature over dynamic tests at liquid nitrogen temperature or at high temperatures, to multiaxial tests. COMTES FHT special expertise is testing of small size specimens testing allowing local and orientation related properties assessment, that is widely used for AM deposited materials and we provide these services for partners from USA, Europe and Asia.
In the AM COMTES FHT is also involved in national and international committees. The main one is involvement in ISO/ASTM (JG261) activities related to new standards development for fascinating and rapidly growing field of Additive Manufacturing.





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