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Rua Fernando Mesquita, 2785
4760-034 Vila Nova de Famalicão


CeNTI is a private non-profit R&D institute founded in 2006. CeNTI provides applied R&D for industrial endogenization of new disruptive technologies, product engineering and upscale for companies via a B2B approach.
CeNTI’s mission is to drive the development of material solutions for product innovation across multi-TRL stages, specifically in areas encompassing Nanomaterials, Functional Materials, Smart Materials and Systems, Design and Engineering, targeting a wide range of applications in industrial sectors such as automotive/aeronautics, architecture/construction, and sport/personal protection/health and well-being.
Among its areas of expertise, CeNTI has been collecting international recognition in technological areas such as advanced fibres (tricomponent), functional nanoparticle synthesis, surface functionalization, and printed/flexible electronics on conventional and non-conventional substrates.
In the past 10 years of activity, CeNTI developed more than 150 projects and registered more than 60 patent applications. Currently, CeNTI is driving more than 50 RTD projects focusing on processes/products and services for the development of new nanomaterials, smart systems and product design and engineering.

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