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Basque Country

Paseo Manuel Lardizabal 15
20018 San Sebastian Guipúzcoa


Ceit is a private multidisciplinary non-profit RTO closely connected to TECNUN, the School of Engineering of the University of Navarra (Spain) with a staff of 249 employees and 51 PhD students, and an annual budget over 15.3 M€. Ceit’s missions are:
.- To provide services to industry through the development of technical research projects (more than 100 research projects between TRL4-7 per year) and
.- To promote the dissemination of knowledge through the training of young researchers and PhD students and scientific publications (more than 150 PhD theses, 100 papers in scientific journals, and 80 communications in international conferences in the last 5 years).
Ceit-IK4 has been involved in 15 FP6 projects (coordinator in 2), 32 FP7 projects (coordinator in 10) and it is currently involved in 34 H2020 projects acting as coordinator in 7 of them.
Ceit’s main activities in 3D printing are:
• Design and production of metal powders for additive manufacturing, including: lab-scale atomizer and Arcast atomizer with a capacity of 250 kg of metal powder per cycle
• Additive manufacture design both for selective laser melting (SLM), laser metal deposition (LMD) and binder jetting (BJ).
• Additive manufacturing of metal pieces via LMD, including cladding and binder jetting (BJ).
• HIP post-processing to improve product properties after additive manufacture.
• Development and optimization of laser processes: Femtosecond laser surface processing and Marking via laser interference.
• Heat treatments (hardening and softening), polishing and surface finishing.





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