Facility Centre Name: Biog3D
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Technological Cultural Park of Lavrion, Lavrion
19500 Athens

BioG3D is an R&D company dedicated to new and innovative 3D printing solutions and optimization of “smart” customized products. Our mission is to fully unravel the potential offered by Digital Manufacturing with advanced feedstock materials, by utilizing cutting-edge physical, and digital tools to optimize designs, towards a holistic approach for the fabrication of new products. Incorporating expertise in the application of Additive Manufacturing technologies, such as Stereolithography (SLA) and Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), as well as in 3D model development, by exploiting multi-material approaches and advanced computational design algorithms, BioG3D has shown excellence in organic structures reverse engineering as a base for customized product design and fabrication. Additionally, BioG3D is providing specialized services in the field of biomaterials synthesis, extrusion-based Additive Manufacturing and in vitro assessment, to drive the advancement of bioprinting technologies from the lab to the clinic. Headquartered in Technological Cultural Park of Lavrion (Athens), BioG3D combines a group of motivated, technology-driven individuals with advanced skills and experience in engineering, material science and mechatronics, constantly looking for new ways to solve unique customer challenges. 





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