Facility Centre Name: BEAMIT Spa
Facility Centre Type:
Facility Centre Region:
Emilia Romagna

Strada Prinzera 17
43045 Fornovo di Taro PR

BEAMIT SpA (www.beam-it.eu) is a Highly Qualified Italian Company specialized in Additive Manufacturing (AM), established in two facilities: Fornovo di Taro and, since 2015, Rubbiano (both in Parma area, Italy). By July 2019, SANDVIK Machining Solutions, as minority shareholder, is entered in BEAMIT SpA.

BEAMIT has more than 20 year's experience in Rapid Prototyping before and Additive Manufacturing later on.

BEAMIT has a leading role, having installed an AM park of 33 (28 Metal dedicated) different technology machines at its headquarters: this made it possible for BEAMIT to become one of the largest European AM companies. BEAMIT is active in several high-value markets and applications with several materials qualified and operative in various sectors as aeronautical, aerospace, racing, automotive and food domains.

In particular, for aeronautical and biomedical applications BEAMIT is strictly following several procedures qualified by main worldwide customers and certified in accordance to ISO9001, ISO9100 and NADCAP accreditation.





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