Facility Centre Name: 3DFactory Incubator
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Avenida del Parc Logistic, 2-10. Edificio del Consorcio de la Zona Franca de Barcelona
08040 Barcelona Barcelona

The High-Tech Business incubator is a project led by “El Consorci de Zona Franca de Barcelona” and “Fundación LEITAT”. Its goal is to promote the adoption of 3D Printing technologies through the creation of a space for the incubation of SMEs and micro-SMEs related to these technologies. The High-Tech D-Factory Incubator is co-financed at a 50% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the Spanish Pluri-regional Operational Program 2014-2020, and operates under Axis 3: Improving the competitiveness of SME’s.

In the 3D printing laboratory, the SME´s have access to the latest technology equipment, with a wide range of materials that includes filaments, resins and powder, that can be used for diferent applications in many sectors, such as consumer goods, health, robotics, movility, consulting, ITC, logistics and chemestry. The technological equipment available is:
- Multi Jet Fusion (HP)
- Stratasys J750
- Stratasys Fortus 450
- Sinterit Lisa
- Formlabs 2
- SigmaBCN
- NextDent
- Romer Absolute Arm (Hexagon)

In order to help the SME´s develop their business, they offer them diferent kind of services, such as:
- General Services
- Technologycal Services
- Innovation and Business Consulting Services
- Testing Services
- Commercialitazion and Internationalization Services.





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