Facility Centre Name: 3D4Med
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Strada Privata Campeggi, 40
Padiglione DEA - Fondazione IRCSS Policlinico San Matteo
27100 Pavia PV


3D4Med is the first Clinical 3D Printing Laboratory in Italy and one of the first worldwide.


3D4Med lab was born with the aim of integrating 3D printing technology into the daily clinical-assistance activity of the hospital. It is located within Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo of a Pavia, Italy, in a very easy-to-reach space inside the hospital, to facilitate the communication and interaction between surgeons and engineers.


3D Printing technology offers the possibility of creating products of high geometric complexity with significantly lower costs and times compared to traditional production technologies. These features are particularly suitable for multiple applications in the medical field, responding to a growing attention to the personalization of the therapeutic and care plan. The lab is equipped with all the required hardware and software to satisfy a wide range of requests, ranging from the production of patient-specific anatomical models for pre-operative surgical planning to the development of instrumentation for individual patients and phantoms for the simulation of surgical procedures, largely employed for educational purposes.


3D4Med was launched in 2018, but the lab's activities started back in 2011. From then, 3D4Med has dealt with a large number of clinical case studies, coming from different clinical-surgical specialties as abdominal surgery, cardiology, cardio-surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, otorhinolaryngology and maxillo-facial surgery, thoracic surgery and vascular surgery. Visit our website for further details and find us on LinkedIn and Facebook.





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