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Facility Centre Name: ZiggZagg BV

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CR Park
1000 Brussels



Give your organisation and associated serivces extra visibility by submitting Success Stories related to your work with SMEs in the field of 3D Printing.

About Us

The 3DP Pan EU project

The ‘3DP Pan EU’ project aims at fostering awareness, knowledge and uptake of 3D Printing technologies in Europe by facilitating and promoting SMEs’ access to high quality services related to testing, validating and certifying 3D Printing solutions. The 3DP Pan EU project is a European Parliament pilot action managed by the European Commission and implemented by a consortium consisting of Brainport Development, IDEA Consult, ART-ER, CIVITTA and Asterion Europe.

The key component of the 3DP Pan EU Project is the 3DP PAN EU platform that includes a match-making tool bringing together demand and supply of demonstration services in the area of 3D Printing. Through the platform any interested organisations will be able to contact suppliers of 3D Printing related services which may help organizations improve their competitiveness. Whether you already know more about 3D Printing and have a vision on what you would like to print through 3D printing, or whether the technology is new to you, the platform will be able to guide you to the right partners across Europe.

As a pilot action, the project will also administer EU support for 10 SME projects through an open call for proposals to be launched in April 2020. Through this call, ten cross-regional 3D Printing industrial demonstration projects for SMEs wanting to explore 3D printing solutions will be supported.

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