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Give your organisation and associated serivces extra visibility by submitting Success Stories related to your work with SMEs in the field of 3D Printing.


A total of 10 individual SME-led projects were awarded financial support from the 3DP PAN EU project to conduct the proposed activities. Within these 10 projects, there is involvement from a total of 10 SMEs from five different Member States, as well as 21 Facility Centres based in 10 different Member States. The different project consortia have been highlighted using different coloured pins on the interactive map which provides insight into the geographic coverage which has been realised through the Call for SMEs. More specific information on each of the awarded projects can be found below.

Our Projects

Our Projects



DED-arc manufacturing of highly customized functional injection moulds to produce thermoplastic parts for agricultural machinery, optimising for weight reduction and forest fire prevention.

Renotech Oy

3D Construction printing for marine and terrestrial applications

The project aims to develop ecologically efficient marine & terrestrial 3D construction products and uptake of new 3D printing solutions.

Rejoint Logo

Development of a tibial tray implant with lattice structure

Developing and validation a new patient’s specific 3D printed orthopedic implant for Total Knee Replacement (TKR) to allow spontaneous osseointegration and avoiding bone cement.

Saker Sportscars Logo

Demonstrating Hybrid Automotive suspension components

This project will demonstrate the potential of 3DPM inserts combined in TPC’s by a production process called Compression Moulding.

E-Wenco Logo


E-LLUM Thermal Vector Exchanger

MIND Srl Logo


3DP Hybrid joint for Suspension control arm with OEM certified thermoset material

FerRobotics Logo


GRIPP3D - Lightweight, flexible, smart and additively manufactured robot gripper

Insectopia Logo


Additive Manufacturing in insect breeding activities for food industry

T4i Logo


3D Double Vortex Liquid Engine


3DHX - 3D Printed Smart Heat Exchanger

Within 3DHX, the consortium will develop, test and validate a new design and production workflow, a ‘smart’ innovative methodology enabling the reduction of time and cost of our existing

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