3DP PAN EU launched its Call for SMEs over the course of 2020 with the aim to test and validate a number of SME-led industrial demonstration 3D Printing based projects in different application fields, making use of the pan-European platform. In particular, these SMEs will be supported in carrying out feasibility, testing and validation activities within the area of 3D Printing, making use of expertise, equipment and related materials and manpower made available by at least two Facility Centres mapped and registered to the 3DP PAN EU platform.


    A total of 10 individual SME-led projects were awarded financial support from the 3DP PAN EU project to conduct the proposed activities. Within these 10 projects, there is involvement from a total of 10 SMEs from five different Member States, as well as 21 Facility Centres based in 10 different Member States. The different project consortia have been highlighted using different coloured pins on the interactive map which provides insight into the geographic coverage which has been realised through the Call for SMEs. More specific information on each of the awarded projects can be found below.