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Facility Centre Name: ZiggZagg BV

Facility Centre Type: Private

Facility Centre Region:


CR Park
1000 Brussels



Give your organisation and associated serivces extra visibility by submitting Success Stories related to your work with SMEs in the field of 3D Printing.

Optimise your use of this platform

3DP PAN EU is originally set up as a platform for 3DP test and demonstration facilities open for collaboration with companies, in order to support them in the innovation process of maturing new technologies and bringing them to commercial readiness. The registration process for these facilities starts with 3 specific basic selection criteria and then continues to a detailed set of questions.

3DP production facilities contributing to our Covid Response Action will get access to a simplified registration process, when only clicking the dedicated 4th “open for production orders” selection criterium.

You are a 3DP production facility, but also open for business in test and demonstration activities? Great ! The Covid Response Action opens up even more possibilities for you. Select the 3 basic selection criteria to get access to the full registration process and exposure to an extended client base.


How will companies and organisations in need of 3D printing production capacity find you?

There are 2 ways :

1. they can describe the solution looked for using a digital form allowing free text input, and which includes the possibility to upload pictures. As soon as you enter your organisation’s contact details and indicate to be open to receive such ‘free format’ requests, you will receive them in the mailbox of your indicated contact person. It is then your responsibility to reach out to the requesting company or organisation and start a dialogue.

2. they can indicate a number of technical description of the solution searched for. The platform then makes an automated matching with the 3D printing production facility centers which correspond to the specifications looked for, on the basis of the details you provide yourself in your detailed profile, by completing the information asked for in this page. all production facility centers that match the profile are listed. It is then the responsibility of the requestions company or organisation to contact the facility center(s) of its choice and start a dialogue.


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